President’s Message

Dear Friends, As we are coming to the last two months of this Calendar year, the year being well going into history for the dramatic changes, turmoil, upheavals and catastrophic events, politically or otherwise; we are still through the same and are making it through.

Our Asian region has suffered the brunt of  the natural calamity of Tsunami in  Japan and Earthquake in the month of March of this year and now at this juncture experiencing another natural calamity in Thailand with rains and floods caused ever since July 2011, with immense loss to lives, production, infrastructure and manufacturing, going unabated.

Let us all keep friendly people of Thailand in our thoughts and let us all wish and pray that the situation will become better and thereby  alleviate the sufferings of the people of Thailand and the damage that has caused.  We hope that the International Community will give its helping hand to the people of Thailand once the flood, rain and tide situation changes for the better, which the people of Thailand will desperately need, sooner than later.

Judo Union of Asia will surely help the Thailand Judo Federation and the we hope that Judo will still be active as it was prior to the calamity.

I would like to mention that the International Judo Federation has designated 28th October of every year as the World Judo Day and on this context this World Judo Day is  being celebrated in honour of Judo Founder on his birthday remembrance of Jigoro Kano.  Although many have not been informed of this sudden development well in advance there has been reports of small events being taken place and organized by the Judo Federations on this World Judo  Day.  I trust that the World Judo Days in the future will be meaningfully celebrated with cultural and eventful activities all over the world, including our Asia where the Judo was born.

As we come to the end of this year, there are three more Judo events to take place in our continent, namely World Cup at Jeju, in Korea ; Grand slam at Tokyo in  Japan and Grandprix at Qingdao in  China in the order of the events.   I trust these events will be success with lot more entries from Asian Continent to take full benefit of the proximity and heritage.

Let us not forget the people of Thailand.

Obaid Al Anzi
JUA President

31 Oct, 2011