Minutes of the Directing Committee Meeting of Judo Union of Asia held at at 10.00 am on 19th November 1997 at Hotel Sofitel, Manila Phillipines.

Updated: November 19, 1997

Minutes of the Directing Committee Meeting of Judo Union of Asia held at at 10.00 am on 19th November 1997 at Hotel Sofitel, manila Phillipines.

A)Present as per attendance sheet.

B)Mr. Jagdish Tytler, President chaired the meeting.
Mr. Tytler welcomed_ members present and thanked Philippine Amateur Judo Association (PAJA)’ for organising the meetings of JUA and the Asian Judo Championships in Manila.
The meeting then observed one minute silence in memory of members of the Judo fraternity who left us during last two years.

C]ILeave of absence was granted to Mr. Obaid Z. AI-Anzi, Vice President.

D] Capt. Reynaldo H. Jaylo, President, PAJA, who was present as special invitee, briefed the meeting about the arrangements made for the smooth conduct of the Asian Judo Championships at Manila. The meeting appreciated the efforts made by PAJA and thanked Capt. Jaylo for the same.

E] Mr. Daga, General Secretary declared that the meeting was legally effective in accordance with the Para 7 -of Article 12 of JUA Statutes.

F] Mr. Tytler welcomed-the members present and started the proceedings by reading out the agenda.

GJ Reports

G.1] Mr. Daga informed that reports of Vice Presidents, Sports Director, Refereeing Director and General Secretary have already been circulated. He then explained that his report contains item wise remarks on the agenda points.

G.2] Mr. Che Kuong Hon, General Treasurer presented the financial report to members present and explained the same in detail.

Mr. Moorthy suggested to close the accounts 60 days prior to the Congress so that Financial report can be prepared and circulated to all DC members atleasl 30 days before the congress so that everybody can study and understand the same.

The meeting unanimously approved Mr. Moorthy’s suggestion and decided to close the account 6-0-~Fa-Vs prior to the congress and make necessary changes if) the Finance • Accountinq procedure.

Mr. Takeuchi proposed that instead of once in two years. General Treasurer must submit the financial report every year. Mr. Che agreed to present a report in the Directing Committee meeting every year.

G.3] Mr. Yoshinori Takeuchi, Rieferering Director,while presenting his report, at llehgth about the changes made by IJF in the Refereeing Rules. He also explained all major points of his report. The Report and proposal was unanimously approved by the meeting. Some of the major decisions are as under :-

a] Aqe for IJF Continental Examination will be reduced to : January 1 1998 – 25 to 50 years of age
January 1 2000 – 25 to.45 years of age b] Age for IJF International Examination: January 1998 – 29 to 50 years of age.

G.4] Mr. Sang-Chul Kim, Sports Director explained the changes/modifications made by IJF in the Sporting Code.

Mr. Kim also proposed that Olympic Qualification System -as decided by the IJF DC in April 1995 may also be followed for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. He stated that the result of the tournaments to be held from May 01, 1998 to May 31, 2000 will be recorded for the purpose of ranking. The meeting unanimously approved the report and proposal of the Sports Director.

G.5] Mr. Makoto Inokuma presented the report of Interim Education • Diffusion Director and also of the Marketing Advisor and explained the same. The meeting appreciated the efforts made by Mr. Inokuma in his dual capacity of Interim E•D Director and Marketing Advisor and unanimously approved his report.

H] In the absence of any other reports, the meeting proceeded to the next item on the Agenda.

1] . Minutes of last DC meeting held at Vietnam was unanimously adopted:

2] Appointment of Marketing Advisor -The meeting appreciated the works done by Mr. Makoto Inokuma as Marketing Advisor and unanimously decided to allow him continue the post and also to recommend his appointment to the Congress for their approv_al.

3] _Appointment of Education-• Diffusion Director – Mr. Daga informed-the meeting that four nominations had been received for the post of Education • Diffusion Director. They are Dr. Ali Yusif Damrah from Jor.dan,

Mr. Ivan Raisky from Kyrghyzstan, Mr. Hoang Viet Hung from Vietnam and Mr. Makoto Inokuma from Japan. The meeting scrutinised the applications of all four members and found that only Mr. Inokuma is fulfilling the criteria laid down for the post. The meeting also noted that Mr. Inokuma successfully looked after the affairs of Education • Diffusion Director since the resignation of the Mr. Chang Tsung Huei on 23/8/96 and worked very closely with Mr. Sato, Ex-Education Director of IJF not only for Asia but for IJF also. The meeting further noted that Mr. Inokuma-will be working with Mr. Nakamura, present IJF E•D Director.

Considering the above facts, the meeting unanimously decided to appoint Mr. Inokuma as Education • Diffusion Director till next elections of JUA in 1999 and also to recommend his appointment to the Congress for their approval.

4] Appointment of Technical -Committee Member from South Zone -Mr. Daga,
informed that South Zone is yet to nominated a person to the JUA Technical Committee from their zone and they will do so in the Congress after the zonal meeting.

5] Utilisation of IJF Development Fund – It is decided to use the Development Fund receivable from IJF a US$ 50,000 per year for the years 1996 • 1997 for organising the Coaches Referees • Organisational Seminar two times in a year (@ US$ 12 500×2 = 25,000) and US$ 25;000 for other development activities to be recommended by JUA Technical Committee.

It is also decided that these Seminars will be held in different zones every time and the JUA TC will suggest 2 zones each for 1998 • 1999. They will also study all developmental aspects and will recommend what other activities are to be conducted with the balance money. It is decided to propose the same to the Congress and get their approval. The Meeting also decided that no country will be allowed to apply directly to IJF for financial assistance in future. All transactions will be through JUA only.

6] Sex • Non-Pregnancy Certificates forWomen – It is decided to follow the IOC • IJF rules in this regard.

7] Amendment to JUA Sporting Code, Refereeing Code etc.
The meeting decided to revise the JUA Sporting Code, Refereeing Code and Finance • Accounting Procedure in accordance with the amendments made by IJF in respective fields. As a first step, each Director will send-their-proposals to the General Secretary and the matter will be discussed and-decided in-the-next DC meeting:
However, the meeting decided to amend the existing Article 5.4. Profit Sharing of the Finance • Accounting Procedure as under :

5.4.3. If there is profit from the Asian Judo Championships (AJC) or the Asian Games, the net-profit will be shared according to the following table approved by the Congress:a]
In the case of Asian Games
JUA share -50%
Share of 5 zones of JUA @ 10% each -50%
In the case of Main Sponsor for AJC
JUA share -30%
AJC Org. Country’s share -70%

8] Venue for 1999 • 2000 Asian Judo Championships – Mr. Inokuma informed the meeting that in the changing situations, it will be very difficult to find out the sponsors until • unless we plan and fix up the venue of the championships as soon as possible, may be upto year 2001. It is-decided to propose to the congress about the urgency and to leave the matter to the Congress to decide.

9] Allocation of IJF Continental -• JUA-”B” Referee Exams – Mr. Takeuchiinformed the meeting that IJF Continental • JUA “B” examinations for the year 1998 will , be held in West Zone (Iran in the month of February) and in Central Zone (Kazakhstan in the month of April) next year.

He Also informed that during 1998 • 1999 examinations, each member country can send 2 examinees in ayear and the host country can send 3 examinees. The meeting unanimously approved the same. –

Mr. Takeuchi also informed that Registration of all referees in Asia is a must and each member country is required to submit the registration forms for all their IJF International (IJF “A”), Continental (IJF “B”) • Zonal Referees (JUA “B”;). He proposed to fix up a_deadline for receiving this registration forms as final list is to be submitted to the IJF: After discussions, meeting decided that Registration of Referees should be completed by the end of December and thereafter, Certificates and Referee Cards will be issued to all the referees. The meeting authorised Mr. Takeuchi to do the needful in this regard.

10] New Affiliations – Mr. Daga informed the meeting that 2 applications were received for affiliation, i.e., one from Qatar and another from Pakistan and the same is in order. After carefull study, the meeting unanimously decided to grant fresh affiliation to Qatar and Pakistan provided theyfulfill the conditions of payment to JUA • IJF. !t is also decided to cancell the affiliation given to the old Pakistan Judo Federation. These affiliations will be recommended to the Congress for their approval.

11] Office Allowance – Considering the inflation and increasing expenses, the meeting.decided to increase the yearly allowance-for JUA President’s office to US$ 6,000; General Secretary’s Office US$ 8,000, General Treasurer’s office US$ 3,000 and US$2000 each for Refereeing Director, Sports Director and Education • Diffusion Director. _

12] The meeting discussed at length the conduct of Pacific Rim Judo Championships by Macau. The meeting noted with regret that the report • result of the Championships were not sent to JUA by the organisors or by the Pacific- Rim Judo Organization. In-this respect the meeting expressed that in the future any member country of JUA organising Tournaments under multi-continental sports organisations will liaise better with JUA.

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